Argus Intan Solution (AIS) has a team of experience key professionals with elaborate background from various backgrounds in ICT industry who are able to provide solutions for telecommunications service providers’ facility development and management, consultancy and outsourcing.

A lot of key personnel has played major role in building up the organisation ever since it was incorporated. They have undergone various industry experiences and brought success to AIS.

Besides our industry partners and suppliers, AIS’s greatest asset is its people who form the foundation of our organisation. The commitment, experience and expertise of the AIS team are the factors that drive the company to the forefront of the industry.

Our staffs are highly skilled, qualified and are dedicated with technical and management expertise ready to provide the solutions and assistance to our customers at all times. We believe in investing in our staffs and they are consistently updated with the latest technology solutionsand developments of the industry through attending variety of trainings, seminars and conferences both locally and internationally.

Building on this, AIS has developed the technology and know-how to perform end-to-end site acquisition, development and management. This capability to establish large-scale infrastructure at a fast pace has enabled AIS to deliver difficult and challenging solutions at the shortest time possible.

The key pillar of AIS in taking it forward is by far its organisation as well as its highly capable and committed value chain. Despite the size of its operations, AIS has retained much of its leanness. With a comparatively flat organisation, communications is very fluid throughout the chain of command, allowing for smooth information flow and swifter results. Similarly, having a network of highly capable and committed network within AIS’s value chain supplements its internal strengths very well in delivering solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.